Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Children's railway - d4 Yerevan

Today saw us wave goodbye to Dad, then climb into a taxi ourselves. A short drive away we were climbing down the stairs into the valley that houses the children's railway.

That it's not yet summer was both a blessing and a curse. The curse: that we didn't get to explore the gorgeous looking river valley that the track runs through. The blessing: that we spent 3h ON the train.

Most of our time was spent changing seats and saying toot toot every time we sat down. There was also a brief amount of little red caboose reenactment (bump, push), hide and seek, eating, spinning, and digger and dump truck.

Another blessing: the amusement park half way down the hill was closed. The curse: so were the toilets.

Back at the hotel, Tom was asking for his bed and sleep - a very welcome change.

The afternoon saw us limited to the hotel room with a series of misunderstandings. Hoping to fix my sinus infection, a doctor was ordered to my hotel room. By 5pm I was very frustrated to find it had been cancelled, so Tom and I head out for dinner, got lost, then waited for Dad to come find/save us.

I forgot Tom's hat in the rush to get outside so the hand grabbing, hair rustling, tickling, cheek touching, kisses, lifting up continued. I just want him to be able to eat his dinner and for people to listen when he says no and pulls away.

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